Concrete Driveway Service: Environmental Considerations and Lifecycle Expense

Have you already decided to have your property’s driveway built with concrete? You will have a durable driveway that can support a lot of weight if you do this. A smooth driveway will be available for your automobile as well. If you do want to have such a driveway constructed, you might want to think about hiring a concrete driveway service from experts like Osman Concrete Service Corp. On the homes of our clients in Miami, FL, we may build concrete driveways.

What to Expect by Having a Concrete Driveway

The main advantage of an asphalt driveway is a reduced initial cost. Some people may choose to use asphalt due to financial constraints. A concrete driveway lasts longer, though. A concrete driveway typically has a service life that is between 50 and 60 percent longer than an asphalt one. Asphalt saves money upfront, but the increased maintenance expenses usually outweigh that. Due to exposure to chemicals, water, oxidation, UV rays, and water, the liquid binder that binds the aggregates together is vulnerable to breaking, disintegration, and deformation. A concrete driveway is a more ecologically friendly paving choice since it has lower embodied energy costs. In other words, producing and placing concrete use less energy overall. Hot mix asphalt must be heated to the necessary 200–250 degrees F, which consumes a lot of energy. It takes additional petroleum products to seal coat an asphalt driveway every three to five years. Finally, a driveway with a longer lifespan uses less energy throughout subsequent replacement cycles.

We Can Install Concrete Driveways!

Our concrete driveway installation services adhere according to instructions, ensuring that the operation is completed. We’ll tidy up the area to make sure there are no obstacles. The installation operation will then be started by first preparing the basis. This will guarantee the success of the new concrete driveway. The concrete will next be poured until it reaches the top of the base, being careful to ensure that the surface is level and flawless. We’ll let it dry while we wait. Who to call if you want a concrete driveway is obvious.

For adequate driveways, Osman Concrete Service Corp offers the concrete driveway service you require. Are you in favor of having concrete driveways erected on your Miami, FL property? Call us at (786) 783-6871 straight immediately so that we can get to work on the installation right away!